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How beautiful is the feeling of cleanliness and freshness

How beautiful is the feeling of cleanliness and freshness

With the speed of our daily life ... we may not have the time to make regular sessions to cleanse the skin and take care of it as it should.

Features that cleanse the skin:

1- It cleans the pores deep inside the skin that cannot be reached with regular washing.

2- Preparing the skin to absorb the largest amount of daily care creams.

3- Activating the blood circulation.

4- The skin helps get rid of oxidation factors and psychological pressures that may negatively affect the beauty and radiance of your outfit.

5- It helps your skin to relax and breathe dynamically.


I will give you my friends quick steps to take care of cleansing the skin at home

1- Washing the skin with regular water and lotion.

2- Dry the skin with a tissue.

3- Apply sandpaper with massaging in a circular motion.

4- Tissue dry.

5- Apply the nourishing mask for 15-20 minutes.

6- Rinse with water only and dry with a tissue.


Additional steps for more recovery


Spray cell phone spray or thermal water

Apply a nourishing serum

Drink chamomile tea or calming herbs

Sleep and rest for 7 continuous hours


Note: For oily skin, we may need to repeat the steps twice a week

And for normal skin, once a week


Recommendations for products I personally try and recommend:


For oily skin:

Derma e microdermabrasion.

Apply a sufficient amount of it with a circular massage to ensure complete cleaning.

Skin Ceuticals clay mask is a very mineral-rich clay mask .... for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water only.


Suggestions for normal skin:

Esthederm deep pore cleanser is placed on dry skin and massaged gently until the product turns from a white cream to a transparent liquid and then rinsed with water only.

Filorga mesomask: Apply after deep cleaning for 20 minutes, rinse and afterward.

With my best wishes to you for continued health and wellness.

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