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Reward Points

With every order you make, points are earned for your payments
The minimum amount of points earned is equal to one point for each riyal you pay from the price of the product

When are the points due?
Your balance of points is made available after completing the application and receiving it completely, as the system activates your points to benefit from them

Sometimes you may delay making it possible to activate the points until the end of the replacement or refund period for the request. In any case, the delay does not have any effect on the validity of your points in the future.

Can points be redeemed at any time or are they related to validity dates?

The points earned are subject to a validity period that you can benefit from, which is 45 days from the date of its activation and not from the date of the request, in order to provide a complete validity period regardless of the time of receipt of the request

How can points be redeemed?

Points can be easily exchanged when creating a new order, and in the payment step, your points balance and the equivalent amount will appear. You can easily replace the entire available balance if it covers the value of the application, or exchange points for part of the total amount of the application.

How can I review the points earned?

You can review your balance of points by logging into your account and browsing the profile - My Account A tab for rewards will appear with all the movements made on your account for each earned group and the date of validity of the points

Are points calculated for all customers?

Points are calculated for all customers registered on the site upon completion of the request and activated after updating the status of the request to completed. Please note that requests that are denied by visitors are not subject to the reward points system

What do I do if there are uncalculated points or I have a complaint?

We strive to make all the data accurately available to our customers, and in case you have any questions, you can contact us through the Contact Us page or through the WhatsApp icon directly