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Hand Eczema

Hand Eczema

Hand Eczema

It may be due to hereditary factors or due to external influences that lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin .. For some, it may be due to a substance coming into contact with the skin and in a chronic manner, which leads to contact eczema.

Other times it is due to the frequent use of detergents or washing hands very frequently during the day, which leads to the disappearance of the natural protective substance of the skin and the dissolution of the protein bonds inside the skin cells, which leads to the fragility of the skin and its dryness and then the appearance of external cracks and wounds ....

Symptoms: may vary in degrees of severity ... dryness - itching - simple scales - large or thick scales - superficial cracks often in the folds or between the fingers - wounds - wounds with bacterial infection - ulcers ... but they are not contagious, thanks God and not transferred from one person to another.

Do you suffer from some of these marks on your hands?

I will simplify things for you with a product that will benefit you, God willing:

1- Slight drying with simple fluffy crusts

Suggested uriage Hans moisturizer

Several times a day

2- Dryness with thick scales

Suggested Avene cold cream several times daily

3- Cracks with very minor wounds

Suggested: avene skin recovery cream

Two to three times a day

4- Cracks with medium wounds

Resolve plus cream / ego Pharma

Twice daily

5- Deep wounds with a yellow layer and ulcers

You need to see your doctor as soon as possible

I hope that I have given you advice in a short and useful way. I ask God Almighty to maintain good health and well-being

goodbye My friends

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