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Dr.. Hind Shamis

Dr.. Hind Shamis

Pharmaceutical / skin treatments

At certain moments, I feel very fortunate to be in this field, because I have the opportunity to help so many girls. My long experience in the field of beauty and skin care opened the way for me to many questions that revolve in my head and the head of every woman who loves to take care of her beauty. Find the best solutions and ways to care for the youth of the skin, its youthfulness, and protect it from the signs of aging.

Of course, daily care is the key to healthy, fresh skin, and this is one of the most common questions that girls and women ask me in the clinic or on social media, what are the daily skin care steps? What products are suitable for my skin?

Only here it occurred to me to prepare sets of care according to the needs of each skin. So that the group is integrated and accessible to every girl in terms of material and also in terms of delivery.

Because of my work, many products are offered to me every day, and I have worked closely with several companies, and I have seen the results of some products on the skin of women who visit the clinic. Then the carefully selected products were selected that contain the best ingredients and have tangible results. To be sure that whoever owns the collection is completely satisfied.


The first group is a comprehensive care and includes skin care whether oily, mixed, normal, dry or sensitive skin, hair care and body care.

The second group is lightening kits and it comes in two different boxes according to your need, a comprehensive set to lighten the face, body and sensitive areas, and another set for the face only.


Your care for your skin avoids many problems in the future, and it gives you a bright look always.


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