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Did you notice that your skin became dull?

Did you notice that your skin became dull?

Have you noticed that it no longer helps him?


Many of us are not aware of the importance of daily skin care ...

It became clear to us that the skin and the skin in general begins to lose many of the characteristics of the skin with the passage of years, especially after the age of 25 years ... knowing that smoking and dehydration may cause this at an age younger than 25 years ...


The health and freshness of the skin is based on the three elements of collagen for the strength of the skin ... Elastin for elasticity and softness, just like children's skin ... Hyaluronic acid for the freshness and health of the skin ...


Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the presence of effective materials that ensure the provision of the previous properties within the daily care routine

Simply clean from skin Ceuticals Lotion

Twice daily

Obaji rye brightening eye serum

Twice daily

Depiderm day lotion / SPF

EVE serum Esthederm night serum once a night

We need lotion to clean and prepare the skin to absorb the maximum amount of active substances

We need care around the eye because it is a moving region, so we open and close our eyes thousands of times a day, and the nature of our work, either the computer or mobile phones, causes effort and wrinkles around the eyes ...

We need a morning care product that works as a singer and corrector and contains sun protection factor and external environmental factors

Of course, we need a concentrated and intensive care product that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid that works to nourish it and make up for what the skin lost during the day.

With my best wishes to you for continued health and wellness
ارشيف المدونة