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Brand: Anivagene
Specially Formulated To Gently Cleanse Hair And Scalp With Greasy Or Dry Dandruff, With Piroctone Olamine, Icelandic Lichen Extract & Sage Extract, Active Principles That Act In Synergy To:Eliminate The Micro-Organisms Responsible For Dandruff.Reduce The Presence Of Flakes, Itch And Inflammation Of ..
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Brand: Anivagene
Scientific Hair Loss Treatment For Women With Hair Enriching Complex Of Iridixina®-T & Kapilarine® Enhanced With Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol B5 & Moringa Oleifera Extract That:Help Reduce The Hair Loss In Women.Promote Natural Hair Growth.Improve The Health Of The Scalp.Strengthen The Hair Fiber.Nour..
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Brand: Anivagene
Epairing Treatment Dedicated To Thin And Fragile Eyelashes, Specially Formulated With Capixyl™ And Panthenol, Active Principles That:-Promote The Eyelashes Growth.-Contribute To Stronger, Thicker And Longer Eyelashes.-Parabens Free.-Fragrance Free.-Excellent Skin And Ocular Tolerability.-Extra-Delic..
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Brand: Anivagene
Deeply Repairing Treatment Dedicated To Dry And Damaged Hair, Rich In Panthenol, Argan Oil & Hydrolyzed Keratin, Which Help To :Nourish And Re-Build The Hair Fiber.Hydrate And Fortify Thin, Dry, Fragile And Damaged Hair.Protect Hair Length And Prevent Its Breakage.Dermatologically Tested.Extra-Delic..
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Brand: Anivagene
Repairing Treatment Dedicated To Fragile And Damaged Hair With Panthenol, Jojoba Oil & Ceramide A2, Which Help To:Strengthen And Repair Fragile And Damaged Hair.Deeply Nourish & Hydrate The Hair Fiber.Prevent Split Ends.Give Shine & Volume To Hair..
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