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Brand: Catalysis
Used particularly in cases where the skin is dry.It is particularly suitable for moisturizing dry and desquamated associated with various dermatological processes.It serves as a complement to Blue Cap Lotion in cases of skin prone to Psoriasis rehydrating the skin and allowing it to continue the act..
S.R 126
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Brand: Catalysis
It is used as a supplement for lip, maintains adequate nutrition and hydration for your lips.Forms a natural protective barrier against external agents that spoil the aesthetics of the lips...
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Brand: Catalysis
GRANEX spray is a natural preparation suitable also for severe acne symptoms, utilizing the effects of Aloe Vera extract and the liquorice root – the glycyrrhizin.The active ingredients inhibit the action of skin bacteria and viruses, prevent pores clogging, favourably regulate the pH of the skin, p..
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Ex Tax:S.R 90
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